‘Inappropriate’ Memes Lead to Obesity in Teens, Researchers are Actually Claiming

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

Seen a funny meme on social media? Ready to share it with your friends and family? Think twice before you do! That meme may hamper a...

Mattis Conducts Canceled Meeting With China After Bombers Fly Over Contested Islands

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

Secretary of Defense James Mattis re-scheduled a meeting, previously canceled on Sept. 30, with his Chinese counterpart amid “provocative” U.S. military missions in the South China Sea,...

Watch: Man in Texas Destroys Ted Cruz Yard Signs – Rips Them up and Screams ‘I Hate Ted Cruz’

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

A vandal in Texas was caught on camera tearing up campaign signs all while screaming “I hate Ted Cruz!” in a Huston neighborhood. A pro-Cruz resident...

Trump Says He’s Making ‘Most Sweeping Action in History’ to Lower Drug Prices

Weekly Featured Story
May 11, 2018

https://rumble.com/embed/uca6x.v2gfjj/ Speaking outside the White House on Friday, May 11, President Trump announced a major shakeup in the prescription drug industry. His aim? To lower the cost of drug prices. “Today, my administration is launching the most sweeping action in history to lower the price of prescription drugs for the American people,” the president said during a televised press briefing, according to CNN. He indicated that his administration has been working on this complicated plan for a long time, adding...