10,000 Terrorists Flood Border, Attack Israel with Kite and Balloon Bombs

June 08, 2018Jun 08, 2018

Thousands of terrorists flooded the border between Gaza and Israel again on Friday, attacking Israelis and attempting to destroy their land just weeks after a similar incident of violence last month during the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.

According to the Jerusalem Post, 10,000 Palestinians showed up to yell, throw rocks, shoot at Israel troops, and burn tires at the border fence. Four Palestinians were killed and hundreds were injured after Israeli troops fired back to protect themselves and prevent a full-scale invasion of their country.


Last month, terrorists sent flaming kites over the border fence to set Israel crops on fire. That type of attack has continued since, according to Haaretz, with over 200 kites setting hundreds of acres of valuable agricultural land ablaze.

Then on Friday, for the first time, terrorists began launching kites and balloons to drop small incendiary bombs on Israel land. Firefighters rushed to put out new fires as bombs continued to drop from the skies.


Israel Defense Forces Maj.-Gen. Kami Abu Rokon sent a message to Gaza residents, telling them, "Hamas is leading you to the chaos march and sending you to the border fence and risking your lives, while its leaders are at a safe place, monitoring the events from afar. Gaza residents — think for yourselves and don't get dragged after the leadership that takes advantage of you.”


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Iran is also behind the border attacks, according to The Times of Israel. He praised the “determination and professionalism” of the Israel Defense Forces troops in repelling the invasion.


The Palestinians were attacking at five different locations Friday afternoon. Israeli troops unsuccessfully tried to disperse them with tear gas canisters in order to avoid bloodshed. They’ve also held off using airstrikes to stop the invasion.


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