2014 CNN Article Admits the Child Immigration Problem Started in 2008

June 19, 2018Jun 19, 2018

Monday’s fury over children being separated from their illegal alien parents boiled over into Tuesday with the mainstream media, celebrities, and vocal Trump critics throwing fuel on the fire in an obvious attempt to paint President Trump as heartless and cruel in his treatment of children.

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The Trump administration has repeatedly expressed their own distaste for the family separation policy and has called on Democrats to work with Republicans in changing the law put in place by previous administrations. Critics have ignored that call and continued to insist that this is all Trump’s fault.

But a CNN story from 2014 has revealed just how right Trump is.

The article details how a 2008 law approved by a Democrat-controlled Congress — and signed by President Bush — was put in place to treat border-crossing children from Central America differently from those from Mexico. Unlike Mexican kids who were sent back, kids from Central America were required to be given an asylum hearing to see if they could qualify to stay in the U.S., according to the new law.

But then the Democrats’ new law began to fall apart during President Obama’s administration. Courts got backlogged with cases, resulting in immigrant kids being sent to live with relatives in the U.S. indefinitely. Some never even showed up for their court dates.

The more that happened, the more human traffickers realized they could take advantage of the failed system and flood the U.S. with their sex trade victims. And Central American parents who wanted their kids to grow up in the U.S. also realized they could send their kids alone with little fear of them being sent back. The added danger with this, though, was that unaccompanied minors could become easy prey for traffickers, gang members, and other evil individuals.

During much of the Obama administration, insufficient funding was given to the courts to deal with the huge backlog of child immigrant cases. Officials estimated the arrival of 90,000 unaccompanied minors in 2014, an over 200 percent increase over the previous year.

Now get this. Those unaccompanied minors were resettled with U.S. relatives during the Obama administration via the exact same program that is being to used to help minors the exact same way today when their parents get detained for illegally crossing the border.

To fight all the problems being created by this failed law back then, Republicans tried to overturn it, but Democrats stopped them. Yes, back in 2014, Democrats barred Republicans from changing the very law that Trump is getting blamed for today. Republicans, Democrats, and Obama continued to wrangle over how to fix the problem and eventually left it up to Trump, who now has to take the blame for their mess.

Thank you, CNN, for bringing this to light back then.


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