Missing Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead — This Is What Trump Warned Us About

August 21, 2018Aug 21, 2018

Hours after authorities announced they had found the body of missing Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, police charged an illegal immigrant with her murder. Christian Rivera,...

The Trump Video From 2011 Oprah Show That Media Would Never Show You Today

america politics
August 21, 2018Aug 21, 2018

Before Donald Trump became president, he earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most successful businessmen. He made a fortune in real estate, allowing him...

CNN's Jim Acosta Posts Bizarre Video of Bill Clinton Flip-Flopping on Making America Great Again

August 21, 2018Aug 21, 2018

Jim Acosta might be officially off his rocker. The extremely anti-Trump CNN reporter posted a strange video of Bill and Hillary Clinton talking about making America...