As North Korea Summit Draws Near, Trump Closes in on Historic Moment of World Peace

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

Between May 23 and 25, North Korea has said it will dismantle its nuclear test site in front of the world’s press. The ill-fated Punggye-ri nuclear...

Officer Exonerated After NAACP President Accuses Him of Racism During Traffic Stop

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

A police officer in South Carolina came under scrutiny after the president of a local National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP] chapter was...

Republicans And Democrats Agree Higher Education Desperately Needs To Change, Survey Shows

america politics
May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

Republicans and Democrats agree that higher education institutions, especially private colleges and universities, need serious reform, according to a survey released Monday. New America conducted a survey...