'The View' Co-Host Accuses Melania of Being a Former Mistress of Trump – FLOTUS Spokesperson Fires Back

October 12, 2018Oct 12, 2018

On a recent episode of “The View,” ABC correspondent Tom Llamas, fresh off a one-on-one interview with first lady Melania Trump, made a guest appearance.

When speaking about allegations of President Donald Trump’s infidelity, co-host Yvette Nicole Brown accused Melania, Trump’s third wife, of being a former mistress of his.

“Is it possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them?” Brown asked. Later on in the segment, she added “allegedly” to her claim.

It didn’t take long for Brown’s comments to reach Stephanie Grisham, press secretary for Melania Trump. She did not hold back in her response.


“Day 2 of attacks from [The View]. [Yvette Nicole Brown] check your facts before you accuse someone of being a mistress,” Grisham tweeted. “She’s your [first lady] – she deserves your respect and certainly not your lies. Disgusting.”

Brown, however, did not back down from her mistress comments and doubled down on what she had to say.


“I stand by every word I said. My mom taught me that respect is earned. And thankfully we live in a nation – at least for now – where I don't have to bow down to dear leader or his third wife,” Brown shot back on Twitter. “And come for ME, [Stephanie Grisham], not [The View]. The views were MINE. I own them.”

In a recent interview with Tom Llamas of ABC News, first lady Melania Trump said she has more important things to worry about than allegations of her husband’s infidelity.

When asked about Presiden Donald Trump’s rumored affairs, Melania responded, "I'm a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do. It is not concern and focus of mine."

“I know people like to speculate and media likes to speculate about our marriage,” she continued. “I know what is right and what is wrong and what is true and not true."

Llamas then asked the first lady if she loves her husband.

"Yes, we are fine. It's what media speculate, and it's gossip. It's not always correct stuff," Melania answered.

“I believe that my husband is doing an incredible job for this nation and I want the American people to have success, so whatever he will decide I will support him,” she said. “I’m enjoying it. I really love to live in Washington and in the White House. Yes, I’m enjoying it.”

See what else she had to say about her husband in the video below:

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