About Us

We're committed to providing you short, shareable content about key issues facing America today.

Who We Are

Update America is a news and information service owned by Strategic Media 21, Inc. providing shareable content to people and organizations across America. We focus on certain key topics — politics, social issues, and religious freedom. Our perspective is faith oriented; family values oriented; and patriotic.

Short Shareable Content

Each day we send short, shareable content to our partners. This can be graphics; memes; short videos; and links to articles. We share content using email; websites; Facebook; Twitter; Google; YouTube; Instagram; Pinterest; and other channels.

In this day and age, a pro-American and pro-family values perspective is often not highlighted in the mainstream media. At the same time, people are more frequently getting their information through social media where content has to be short and shareable.

Key Issues

Our goal is to give a truthful perspective on key issues facing our country. We will also report on daily news that touches on those key issues.

With our Update America Facebook feed, you get all the stories you like, right away. In addition, you can view how your fellow Americans feel about these pressing issues, as thousands post their reactions. Update America is a living, breathing community, and we love that you are a part of it.

Key issues for us are matters relative to our strength as a nation, military and veterans, the Constitution, family values, pro-Israel issues, pro-life, the President, and to economic self-sufficiency. We will report on these and other issues and will make sure that our information is shareable, well informed, truthful and short. To join us or follow us, please simply sign up to get our e-newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for joining us.

Corrections Policy

Our responsibility as a publication is to keep our readers informed so we maintain a high level of accuracy to make sure our readers are confident in our reporting. We also acknowledge that we will occasionally make errors. Anyone is welcome to report an error by sending an email to info@updateamerica.com. Please include a link to the article, the headline and the portion(s) of the article you feel is inaccurate. Our editorial staff will use reasonable efforts to promptly respond in correcting the error. We will add a correction notice to our content whenever a significant mistake is made that requires correcting an article, photo, headline, graphic, video or other material. As a matter of editorial policy, we do not grant take-down requests. Our editorial staff will take reasonable efforts to thoroughly investigate each claim of inaccuracy and, if deemed necessary, will publish a correction in accordance with this policy.