WATCH: Activist Brings Illegal Immigrants to Nancy Pelosi’s Home, Police Called

January 14, 2019Jan 14, 2019

Activist Laura Loomer brought several illegal immigrants to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) home on Monday as she attempted to prove a point about illegal immigration.

Loomer, reportedly accompanied by illegal immigrants from Guatemala and Mexico, brought a massive tent with the word “immorality” written on it to Pelosi’s multimillion-dollar estate. Hanging from the tent were also photos of victims murdered by illegal immigrants.

Pelosi infamously claimed that the border wall President Donald Trump wants to build is "immoral" for attempting to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

Loomer then actually attempted to enter Pelosi’s home.

"Come on, you can't say everyone is welcome here and then lock your door," Loomer said during a livestream. “You’re killing us, Nancy! You're killing us!”

Watch some of the video below:

Within minutes, the police were called. Officers asked Loomer and the immigrants for ID.

"I was told IDs were racist," Loomer responded. "I'm so confused.”

Ultimately, Loomer and her crew were asked to leave Pelosi’s property.

You could say they were “deported” from Pelosi’s property.

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