Actor Ashton Kutcher Posts Powerful Pro-Life Video, Goes Mega Viral

January 31, 2019Jan 31, 2019

Actor Ashton Kutcher recently used his massive Facebook page to spread a powerful pro-life message, sharing a video of Special Olympian Frank Stephens testifying before Congress in 2017.

Kutcher captioned the video “Everyone’s life is valuable.” The video has now been viewed more than 6 million times.

In the famous video, Stephens, talks about his life with Down syndrome and the efforts to eradicate the disorder by aborting babies using prenatal screening.

"I am not a research scientist. However, no one knows more about life with Down syndrome than I do," Stephens said in his testimony. Whatever you learn today, please remember this: I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living."

He continued: ”Sadly, across the world, a notion is being sold that maybe we don't need research concerning Down syndrome. Some people say prenatal screens will identify Down syndrome in the womb and those pregnancies will just be terminated. It’s hard for me to sit here and say those words.”

He also responded to those who think eradicating all babies with Down syndrome is the “final solution.”

"I don't feel I should have to justify my existence, but to those who question the value of people with Down syndrome, I would make three points: First, we are a medical gift to society, a blueprint for medical research into cancer, Alzheimer's, and immune system disorders."

He added: "Second, we are an unusually powerful source of happiness: a Harvard-based study has discovered that people with Down syndrome, as well as their parents and siblings, are happier than society at large. Surely happiness is worth something? Finally, we are the canary in the eugenics coal mine. We are giving the world a chance to think about the ethics of choosing which humans get a chance at life."

Watch the full video below:

Very well said by a very special man.

The video comes as Democrats in Virginia discuss the merits of allowing women to have abortions up until the moment of birth, and sometimes even after birth.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam ignited a firestorm when he discussed a theoretical scenario in which a post-birth abortion would be permitted under proposed legislation.

"So in this particular example, if the mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen, the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if this is what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physician and the mother," he said.

Democrats could learn something from Stephens.