Alyssa Milano Gives Ludicrous Argument for Changing the Constitution

May 21, 2019May 21, 2019

The U.S. Constitution is gender neutral in the rights it declares for Americans. Even in its occasional use of “he” or “him,” those gender pronouns are understood to be indefinite in those cases.

Yet liberal actress and activist Alyssa Milano says the Constitution does not give her equal rights because she’s a woman.

“I don’t have equal rights on the Constitution,” she said in a video posted to Twitter before promoting the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to change the Constitution.

“It’s time for the Constitution to reflect the powerful principles of its first three words: ‘We the people,’” she continued. “Not ‘We the men.’ ‘We the people.’”

But what is Milano arguing that we should change in order to guarantee women equal rights?

“Ratification [of the ERA] will make sure that all people, no matter where we fall on the spectrum of gender identity, will have sovereignty over our own bodies at home and in the doctor’s office,” she explained.

In other words, the Constitution does not treat men and women equally because it doesn’t guarantee that women can have doctors abort their unborn babies.

In the name of equality, she also called for the Constitution to have an amendment to create exclusive programs — that men wouldn’t have access to — to give women an extra boost in the workplace.

“It will change the face of business as companies enact recruitment, retention, and advancement programs that ensure a woman’s path to the executive suite does not stop as an executive assistant,” Milano declared.

She didn’t address what would happen if men in a company started identifying as women in order to take advantage of the advancement and retention programs.

“I belong in the Constitution,” she concluded.

Earlier this year, Milano was promoting the ERA at a Washington, D.C. rally and declared, “My name is Alyssa Milano, and in 2019 I do not have equal rights in the Constitution. That’s right, because I have [female reproductive parts], I do not have equality and justice,” according to The Hill.

“Women must be in the Constitution if we are ever to safeguard our rights.”

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