Alveda King Rips Into The Media For Ignoring America's Children

June 19, 2018Jun 19, 2018

Dr. Alveda King had some strong words for the media's selective attention to America's children, who only pretended to care or to notice the immigration issue when a Republican was in office.

"It seems as if overnight the world has been consumed with a new movement calling for an end to the separation of immigrant children from their mothers at the border, but have we forgotten our own children?

"Every year thousands of American women, U.S. citizens, born and raised on this land, have been forcefully separated from their children and sent off to various prisons throughout the nation while their children fall under the jurisdiction of government agencies like the Department of Family and Children Services.

"In some cases, the women are lucky enough to have family that will take care of their children until they complete their prison terms, but what about American women who don’t have families willing to assume this responsibility?

"Sometimes, women serving long prison sentences have their children adopted out, and the records are sealed, leaving mothers, once released from prison, at the start of a long and often unsuccessful journey to find their own flesh and blood. Where is the outrage over these children being separated from their mothers?

"You might say that those being sent to jail have committed crimes and should be sent to prison. And you would be right. But just as it would be wrong to discard the crimes being committed by American women simply to keep them with their children, it is equally misguided to advocate discarding the crimes of those breaking the law to come into this country illegally just so families can be kept together.

"Tossing the law aside is not the answer. The answer lies in reform; reform of the immigration system and reform of the prison system."

To read Dr. Alveda King's full article click here.

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