Alyssa Milano Releases Map of States Hollywood Shouldn’t Film Movies In

June 14, 2019Jun 14, 2019

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano is on the warpath again. Now she’s created a map of states she believes Hollywood should reconsider filming their movies and TV shows in.

And someone had the absolutely most perfect response to it.

Milano released the map based on pro-abortion and pro-life bills that have been passed or are being considered in each of the 50 U.S. states, according to Variety. She labeled the states where she believes abortion is “least threatened” green, “under threat” yellow, and “most threatened” red.

For some reason, Variety covered up the entire Northeast with Milano’s photo, even though they were the exclusive source releasing the map she worked so hard on.

Milano currently lives in Georgia as she acts for Netflix’ “Insatiable” show, but she’s trying to badger the producers into moving their filming out of the Peach State even though it offers tax incentives that many studios take advantage of.

The actress created the map — with help — in order to show studios “where it is safe for women to work,” as if working in a pro-life state will put them in great danger.

But then someone in Twitter exposed the hypocrisy of Hollywood, which has been threatening to boycott Georgia, but films in countries where abortion is outlawed and homosexuality — another liberal rallying point — is severely punished.

“Now do foreign countries,” tweeted Matthew DesOrmeaux.


Some liberals didn’t think her U.S. map went far enough and proposed boycotting states on a whole range of issues. And one guy proposed banning pro-life states from even seeing what Hollywood makes.

And other liberals saw it as a map of which states they should personally boycott.

And it’s President Trump who is dividing America?

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