Polls Show Americans Favor Better School Security, Are Revolting Against Gun Control

May 23, 2018May 23, 2018

Despite broad media coverage of the anti-gun “March for Our Lives” movement’s rallies and spokespeople, support for heavier gun control in America has not been growing in the past couple months. In fact, it’s been slipping.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 75 percent of Americans said they supported “strong or moderate regulations of restrictions for firearms” in March, not long after the deadly mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Now in May, that number has slipped to 69 percent.

What are Americans looking to instead to help prevent horrific attacks on our schoolchildren?

According to a Gallup poll, they’re eyeing improved school security and mental health treatment. 56 percent of survey respondents favored that while only 41 percent thought further restrictions on gun and ammo sales would protect kids.

Another recent Gallup poll revealed that 95 percent of survey respondents in America favored more police training, 87 percent wanted better security at school entrances, and 86 percent liked the idea of better school programs to deal with students “who may pose a threat.”

The Florida Legislature recently agreed to fund a massive increase in armed school resource officers and school guardians — armed volunteers who received extensive active shooter training. In Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick pushed for arming and training volunteers as well reducing the number of unsecured entrances and exits at schools in his state.

Some dangerous urban areas have long had very limited access points to their campuses and, in many cases, metal detectors. Security experts credit those measures for far fewer mass shootings in urban areas than suburban and rural areas, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

National African American Gun Association president Philip Smith said after the Parkland shooting, “I think urban schools are eons ahead. They’ve been dealing with violence a lot longer than suburban schools.”

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