Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok in Panic Mode After Lover Lisa Page Spills Truth to Congress

July 17, 2018Jul 17, 2018

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is reportedly spilling her guts to Congress during closed-door hearings, providing new pieces of information and being more cooperative than her former colleague and lover Peter Strzok.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) told reporters on Monday that Page has been a “very forthcoming witness.”

“She gave us a lot of new information that we didn’t have before. That will lead us to ask for some more people to make some more requests for information we do not yet have,” Ratcliffe added.

Strzok has reason to start getting a little nervous.

Page reportedly told lawmakers her anti-Trump texts with Strzok "mean exactly what they say," which contradicts the delicate way Strzok downplayed them. Ratcliffe also revealed “there are significant differences between” Strzok and Page’s testimonies concerning “important material facts.”

“I think she has been as forthcoming as she can. I think she is trying to respect the real privileges that exist from her former employer, and she is getting direction from FBI counsel about not answering certain things and she is trying to respect that,” he continued. “At the same time, I think she is trying to give us as much information as she’s allowed to do, which I think is a distinction and difference from what we saw with Peter Strzok.”

Strzok was repeatedly combative and smug while speaking to lawmakers during a lengthy public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee last week.

At one point, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) snapped at Strzok, "I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok. I don't appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations during 2016."

The House Judiciary and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are probing Strzok and Page as part of a joint investigation into the Justice Department and FBI. Part of the investigation is intended to determine whether any bias has impacted investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server or the Russia probe.

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