AOC Throws Wild Temper Tantrum After Seeing Poll Proving People Don't Like Her

March 18, 2019Mar 18, 2019

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is pretty good at getting media attention for all of her whacky ideas and proposals — but Americans across the spectrum are not getting on board.

In fact, new poll numbers show that her support among many groups of Americans is plummeting.

Popular Twitter user @NumbersMuncher first noted the dramatic drop in Ocasio-Cortez’s favorability.

“Gallup: As Americans become more familiar with AOC, the more unfavorably they view her. Her net favorable rating has dropped from -2 to -10, now at to 31-41 (was 24-26),” he tweeted. “AOC's net favorable rating dropped among men, women, independents, Republicans, and every age group.”


“The problem is that AOC is +4 among women while -24 among men,” he added. “AOC is +20 among 'nonwhites' but -24 among whites. AOC is +5 among 18-34, but -9 among 35-54 and -22 among 55+. That's why, as a whole, she is still -10 in favorability.”

Ocasio-Cortez thew an absolute temper tantrum on Twitter after seeing her latest poll numbers, attacking “white men” to distract from her pathetic numbers.

“If you want to know what subconscious bias looks like, it’s a headline saying ‘AOC is underwater with every group EXCEPT women, nonwhites, and 18-34 year olds,’” she tweeted.

The Democrat added: “So older, conservative white men are considered “everyone” and everyone else is discounted as an exception.”

The socialist then attacked Fox News and other Republicans, a tactic she has regularly used to deflect criticism from herself.

"The reason people know more is bc Fox News has turned into “AOC TMZ” (no offense to TMZ), so awareness is growing w/ GOPers,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.”

What AOC fails to understand is: the majority of Americans will always reject socialism.