AOC Uses CA Synagogue Shooting to Push Gun Control After Armed Hero Stops Shooter

April 27, 2019Apr 27, 2019

Immediately after a good guy with a gun saved lives in the San Diego synagogue shooting, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) used the tragedy to push even more gun control.

An armed off-duty border patrol agent confronted the shooter at the San Diego synagogue on Saturday, returning fire and preventing what could have been a catastrophic loss of life.

While the border patrol agent’s shots didn’t hit the 19-year-old suspect, he did strike his getaway car and end the potential rampage. A short time later, the suspect was taken into custody by police.

Sadly, one woman was killed and three others were injured in the shooting. However, law enforcement said it could have been much worse if not for the heroic bystander.

“Heartbroken to hear of the San Diego synagogue shooting, particularly so on this final day of Passover,” AOC tweeted. “We have a responsibility to love + protect our neighbors.”

She added: “The longer the Senate delays holding a vote on #HR8, the more we put Americans at risk.”

She, of course, fails to mention that a good guy with a gun saved lives or California’s already draconian gun laws that did nothing to prevent the shooting.

President Donald Trump had the complete opposite reaction.

“Sincerest THANK YOU to our great Border Patrol Agent who stopped the shooter at the Synagogue in Poway, California,” Trump tweeted. “He may have been off duty but his talents for Law Enforcement weren’t!”

Join us in praying for the victims and their families and thanking the off-duty border patrol agent who heroically put himself in harms way to save lives.

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