Schwarzenegger: I Want to Travel Back in Time, Stop Discovery of Fossil Fuels; Twitter Explodes

December 04, 2018Dec 04, 2018

Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has starred in a number of time travel movies, playing the role of a killer robot who is sent back in time to change things. Now he’s wishing he could do that in real life to drastically alter the course of human history.

How? By stopping fossil fuels from being discovered — by any means necessary.

71-year-old Schwarzenegger was speaking at a U.N. climate conference in Poland where he bashed President Trump, according to the Associated Press, and declared that “The biggest evil is fossil fuels: it’s coal, it’s gasoline, it’s the natural gas.”

And then he stated, “I wish that I could be the Terminator in real life to be able to travel back in time and to stop all fossil fuels when they were discovered.”

By terminating everyone who could possibly discover them?

He also said, “If we would’ve never started in that direction and used other technology, we’d be much better off.”

What other technology? It’d be hard seeing human civilization jump straight from wood-burning to solar panels, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal power plants, methane generators, and modern wind turbines.

And then Schwarzenegger called Trump the crazy one, saying he was “meshugge,” which is Yiddish for “crazy.” Commenters on Twitter were quick to pull Schwarzenegger’s statements apart:

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