Audience Member Disrupts ‘The View,’ Asks Whoopi Why She Didn’t Leave US After Trump’s Win

January 24, 2019Jan 24, 2019

A self-described conservative investigative journalist confronted Whoopi Goldberg during a live taping of “The View” on Wednesday, asking her why she didn’t leave the U.S. after Donald Trump won the 2016 election as she once suggested.

As the hosts of the left-leaning show were going over their “New Year Sweepstakes,” Harry Cherry rose from his seat to ask Whoopi a question.

“You said that when President Trump was elected, you would move out of the United States,” he said. “Why haven’t you moved out of the United States?”

Clearly caught off guard, Whoopi motioned for the man to sit down and be quiet.

"Hold on, we're still live," she appeared to say.

She didn’t, however, provide an answer to the question.

Watch the video below:

In January of 2016, Goldberg floated the idea of leaving the United States at the thought of Trump becoming president.

When he actually won the election though, she decided to stay put. We all know why: America is the greatest nation in the world.

Since then, she has remained staunchly anti-Trump, regularly going after guests aggressively if they support the president and his agenda.

Her exchange with Judge Jeanine Pirro turned explosive and the show had to cut to commercial before things really got out of hand. There were reports of a backstage shouting match once the cameras were off.

Should Whoopi pack her bags and leave the U.S. like she said?

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