Avenatti’s Alleged Co-Conspirator Revealed: Kaepernick’s and Smollett’s Lawyer

March 25, 2019Mar 25, 2019

After attorney Michael Avenatti’s arrest Monday over extortion charges, there’s been another bizarre twist in what has already been a bizarre case: his possible connection to former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Avenatti is facing one set of charges out of New York City for allegedly trying to extort millions of dollars out of Nike and a second set of charges out of Los Angeles for allegedly defrauding a client, a bank, and the IRS.

Avenatti is the lawyer who tried to sink President Trump over the Stormy Daniels debacle, is a frequent CNN guest, and has been considered a star of the Democratic Party.

The attorney had an alleged co-conspirator in his alleged efforts to demand millions of dollars out of Nike in exchange for him not exposing an alleged Nike scandal he had unearthed. According to the Wall Street Journal sources, the co-conspirator is famed attorney Mark Geragos.

According to the Washington Examiner, Geragos, who has had Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, and Susan McDougal as clients, is also the attorney for Smollett. Smollett has been accused of staging a fake hate crime intended to damage Trump and his supporters.

Geragos also represents Kaepernick, according to the Boston Globe. Kaepernick entered the national spotlight when he refused to stand for the national anthem as part of a #BlackLivesMatter demonstration that ultimately became an anti-Trump demonstration.

Interestingly enough, Kaepernick has became the face of Nike, the company that Avenatti, along with Geragos, has allegedly been trying to deeply damage be revealing a scandal against Nike shortly before its high-stakes quarter earnings call.

Another way to put it is this: If Geragos is Avenatti’s co-conspirator, then why was he trying to hurt the company that was running an extremely successful ad campaign with his client, Kaepernick, as the star?

Kaepernick brought in nearly $6 billion to Nike from the advertising campaign he did with them, according to CBS News.

Geragos, like Avenatti, also has a CNN connection. He’s a legal analyst for CNN.

Avenatti enlisted Geragos’ help back in November when Avenatti was facing accusations of domestic violence from aspiring actress Mareli Miniutti, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

If all this is true, it is twisted and mind-boggling and involves numerous individuals who have one thing in common: They have put their careers at extreme risk in efforts to destroy Trump.

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