Watch: Man Tries to Intimidate Mitch McConnell, Wife While out to Dinner — Then Bystanders Step In

October 22, 2018Oct 22, 2018

Updated at 6:20 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday with more details from McConnell about the attack.

The attacks on Republican congressmen and Trump administration officials have not ceased, and one particular GOP leader and his wife have been subject to multiple mobs trying to turn any appearance they make in public into a nightmare.

It happened again last Friday, and this time leftist agitators were doing more than just yelling at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his wife U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

According to local CNN affiliate WLKY, a group of angry men in the at the Havana Rumba diner in Louisville started shouting at McConnell and his wife and made demands like, "Why don't you get out of here? Why don't you leave the entire country?”

Chao is a Taiwanese immigrant who came from humble beginnings but went on to hold multiple high-level U.S. government positions and be awarded 37 honorary doctorates, according to her biography.

Witnesses say that the ringleader of the group took things a step further by slamming his fists down on their table, snatching their boxed leftovers, and chucking the food out the restaurant’s door. McConnell and his wife calmly sat at their table throughout the tirade.

Smartphone video captured the incident. Several other diners could be heard telling the protesters to leave the Senate majority leader and transportation secretary alone. The video ends as restaurant employees surround the ringleader. Take a look:

The restaurant apologized for the disturbance and released the following statement to WLKY:

"We deeply regret the incident that took place at our restaurant this weekend. We strongly believe everyone should feel welcome and safe in our restaurants. It was Friday night in the middle of the rush and our staff was caught off guard as the incident developed quickly. Once we were aware of the situation we acted quickly and efficiently to assure that everyone was safe. For 14 years, we have properly handled every situation that has arisen with no complaints of any kind. We will continue to do so, training our staff and management better. Havana Rumba has always been a welcoming place to all who want to enjoy delicious Cuban cuisine and we are committed to continue bringing that to our Louisville community."

McConnell’s office told CNN that "The leader and Secretary Chao enjoyed their meal in Louisville last night and they appreciate those who spoke up against incivility. They hope other patrons weren't too inconvenienced by left-wing tantrums. As the leader often says, the Senate will not be intimidated by the antics of far-left protesters."

McConnell gave more details in an opinion piece he wrote in the Courier-Journal on Tuesday, confirming that his wife's dinner was swiped. 

"Almost immediately, the restaurant’s other customers began rejecting his harassment," he described. "They told him to quiet down or leave. A few men even approached the aggressor and escorted him to the exit. We are grateful to our fellow diners and the restaurant staff who helped end the disruption."

"I enjoyed my meal in Louisville on Friday night, and I will continue to eat with my friends and family at my favorite Kentucky restaurants," he continued. "I appreciate those who spoke up against the shameful behavior. We hope other customers weren’t too inconvenienced by the extremist left-wing tantrums."

Similar incidents occurred earlier this year.

Back in July, a group of Democratic Socialists of America agitators chased McConnell as he left a Louisville restaurant, shouting demands at him and calling him derogatory names. McConnell was reportedly run out of a restaurant the following night by another angry mob.

His wife was with him during an incident in June when activists ambushed them as they left a Georgetown University event. Chao turned on the people who were yelling and shouted back, "Why don’t you leave my husband alone? You leave my husband alone!”

All this has led conservative commentator Ben Stein to condemn the leftists, calling them a “disgusting, mob rule” when questioned by TMZ reporters.

“Antia is becoming like the brown shirts in the early days of the Nazi Party. Very, very disgusting, shocking behavior. Stunningly horrible,” Stein, a Jew, said, adding later that he’s a big student of the rise of the Nazi Party and its first forms of oppression in Germany.

When the reporter tried to argue that this was “non-violent protest,” Stein countered, “I consider it violent to go to somebody while he’s having his meal and take his meal away from him and throw it away. I consider that as close to violence as I want to get.”

“You don’t see this as, maybe, democracy in action?” the reporter questioned. “Holding our elected officials accountable.”

“Absolutely not,” Stein replied. “No, no, no. Democracy in action is voting, it’s not violence, it’s not taking people’s food away from them and throwing it away. They’re mob gangsters. They’re not decent people.”

But the TMZ reporter wasn’t ready to give up, pointing out that “There are people on the right, the Proud Boys as they like to be called...they accosted Nancy Pelosi.”

“There’s like three of them,” Stein responded. “If they do the same thing, then it’s disgusting, too.”

Watch the two-minute interview below:

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