Beto O’Rourke Fuming After Waking Up to Massive Billboard Mocking Him

March 19, 2019Mar 19, 2019

Conservative street artist Sabo has struck again. His latest work was plastered on a massive billboard in Los Angeles — and it makes a complete mockery of Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

The Daily Wire was one of the first websites to obtain images of the billboard.

“On a billboard on the corner of Pico and Beverly Glen Blvd across the street from Rancho Park Golf Course, Sabo installed his latest satirical street art piece early Tuesday morning: transforming a billboard depicting a car crashing into a building into a satirical reference to O'Rourke's infamous drunk driving crash and subsequent arrest back in 1998,” the Daily Wire reported. “Last year, unearthed police reports revealed that a witness said O'Rourke attempted to flee the scene of the crime.”

The repot added: “Sabo’s latest work is equivocally titled ‘Beto Runs.’ A massive image of O'Rourke features him wearing a sombrero and sporting a drawn-on mustache, a reference to accusations that he's chosen ‘Beto’ rather than his full name ‘Robert’ as an attempt to appeal to ‘ethnic’ voters.”

In a statement to the Daily Wire, Sabo claimed “Robert Francis” is “just another John Kerry or worse Ted Kennedy.”

"He grew up having everyone of his troubles fixed by family, and when he left mom and dad he married a billionaire,” the street artist said. “The billboard makes reference to his hit-and-run DUI charges that either his uncle, a police chief, or his father, a judge, helped him skate out of.”

Last week, O'Rourke announced he was running for president in 2020, raising more than $6 million in 24 hours. He is considered by some to be a frontrunner to challenge President Donald Trump.

When asked about Beto's run, Trump didn't seem concerned at all.

"I'll just say, whoever it is, I'll take them on," Trump said.

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