Bill Clinton Stuns, Says He's a Victim: 'I Do Not' Owe Lewinsky an Apology

June 04, 2018Jun 04, 2018

Former President Bill Clinton is being hit with tough questions about his affair with Monica Lewinsky in light of the ongoing #MeToo movement. His responses are likely to stun even some of his supporters.

Not only did Clinton say he doesn’t feel like he owes Lewinsky, a White House intern who was seduced by the former president, an apology, he also suggested he was victimized by the scandal because he left the White House with $16 million in debt.

Clinton defended his decision to remain in the White House after the scandal, taking a shot at President Donald Trump over the sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

"A lot of the facts have been conveniently omitted to make the story work, I think partly because they're frustrated that they got all these serious allegations against the current occupant of the Oval Office and his voters don't seem to care," Clinton told NBC News. "I think I did the right thing. I defended the Constitution.”

Asked if he owed Lewinsky an apology for his behavior, Clinton responded with an answer that is nothing short of stunning.

"No, I do not -- I have never talked to her. But I did say publicly on more than one occasion that I was sorry. That's very different. The apology was public,” he said.

"Nobody believes that I got out of that for free,' he said. 'I left the White House $16 million in debt," Clinton added.

Lewinsky has spoken publicly about the toll that the scandal took on her, both personally and mentally.

“Now, at 44, I’m beginning (just beginning) to consider the implications of the power differentials that were so vast between a president and a White House intern,” she wrote in Vanity Fair. “I’m beginning to entertain the notion that in such a circumstance the idea of consent might well be rendered moot. (Although power imbalances—and the ability to abuse them—do exist even when the sex has been consensual.)"

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