Bill Maher Begs for America to Suffer Economic Collapse Because He Hates Trump

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

HBO host Bill Maher apparently despises President Donald Trump so much that he wants Americans to suffer through an economic collapse just to make sure he doesn’t get re-elected.

Maher’s jaw-dropping remarks came during a discussion about the booming economy on Friday’s episode of “Real Time.”

After first admitting the economy is doing "pretty well," Maher admitted he is "hoping" for a recession.

"I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point, and by the way, I’m hoping for it because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy," Maher said. "So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it’s either root for a recession, or you lose your democracy.”

There are a few things Maher doesn’t address.

Trump has overseen record-breaking economic numbers since becoming president. The United States economy added 223,000 jobs in May alone and the unemployment rate plummeted to 3.8 percent, which is an 18-year low. Further, black unemployment now rests at 5.9 percent, which is the lowest it's been in recorded history.

The Trump-backed tax cuts are also translating into higher wages as 80 percent of companies say they plan to "enhance compensation" due to the tax reform bill.

All of these hard-working Americans would be devastated by an economic collapse that Maher feels is worth it because he disagrees with President Trump.

As for Maher, he would be just fine as the TV host has an estimated net worth of $100 million, Newsweek reported.

Fortunately for America, Trump appears focused on putting Americans to work – and keeping them there.

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