Biracial Rapper Cancels Gig After Festival Charges White People Twice as Much

July 08, 2019Jul 08, 2019

The growing liberal trend of widening the divide between people of different skin tones and pitting white and non-white people against each other falters when met with people who cross the “racial lines.”

That became apparent when a biracial recently rapper pulled out of a music festival in protest after learning that white people were being charged twice as much as “people of color.”

According to the Detroit Metro Times, rapper Jillian Graham — who goes by Tiny Jag — was slated to perform at AfroFuture Fest in her hometown of Detroit. Then a friend sent her a picture of the differing early bird ticket prices based on people’s skin color — $10 for a POC (person of color) and $20 for a non-POC.

Other tickets showed a similar price structure.

"I was immediately enraged just because I am biracial," Graham reacted. "I have family members that would have, under those circumstances, been subjected to something that I would not ever want them to be in ... especially not because of anything that I have going on."

"A lot of the songs that I perform are from my first project called Polly — that is my grandmother’s name," Graham says. "How do you want me to come to a performance and perform these songs off a mixtape that is titled after this white woman that you would have charged double to get in here? Like, it’s just outrageous from so many different angles."

The rapper rebuked people who use these types of methods in the name of creating racial “equality.” 

"It’s non-progressive and it’s not solution-focused in my eyes," she said. "It seems almost like it has spite, and unfortunately with spite comes hate, and that’s just not obviously going to be a good direction for us to go if we’re looking for positive change."

The festival explained the ticket price structure, saying, “Affording joy and pleasure is unfortunately still a privilege in our society for POC and we believe everyone should have access to receiving such.”

But after Graham threw them into the national spotlight, the festival changed the requirement for white attendees to pay double and simply requested they donate extra money instead, according to the Washington Post. They didn’t admit they were wrong for creating the race-based pricing system in the first place but said they were simply reversing it for the safety of their festival goers and organizers after receiving threats from white supremacists.

Some liberals were not happy with the biracial rapper’s protest.

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