Black Comedian Delivers Best Comeback Ever After Libs Denounce 'Racist' Cowboys/Indians B-Day Party

November 29, 2018Nov 29, 2018

Liberal commenters on social media picked the wrong target this weekend when they went after black comedian Kevin Hart for throwing a “Cowboys and Indians”-themed party for his one-year-old son’s birthday.

He slapped them back with the greatest comeback ever.

Kevin and his wife Eniko hosted the “Wild West”-themed party for their son Kenzo and invited their adult friends who wore, not headdresses and warpaint, but beautiful Native American blankets. Kenzo was dressed up as a cute little cowboy. But when Eniko posted photos from the party on Instagram, liberals blew up, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Despite it being an adorable birthday party, they just couldn’t handle it.

“Throwin a ‘Cowboys & Indians’ birthday party on ‘Thanksgiving’ celebrates genocide, white supremacy, & slavery. R those the things u @KevinHart4real & @enikohart represent & are teaching to your child? Would it be ok to throw a Master & slave birthday party? nope #nativetwitter,” wrote self-proclaimed indigenous feminist and community organizer Mari Posa on Twitter.

“Did Kevin Hart and Eniko really throw their 1-year-old a ‘Cowboys and Indians’ themed birthday party... These celebrities really love their privilege to be socially ignorant,” wrote blogger Clara Jaide.

"Not an arts and crafts project. Not a costume. Not a gag. This party 'theme' was not okay. Your 'costumes' are offensive. And your cake is in poor taste," insisted one commenter, according to Newshub.

But another commenter even went as far as to tell the black family, "This is equivalent to having a KKK and black slaves party.”

Yikes. But Kevin refused to roll over and bow to his liberal naysayers’ demands.

"It shows just how stupid our world is becoming with opinions," he fired back on his SiriusXM radio show “Straight From The Hart.”

"People are at a point of an all-time high,” he continued. “To throw racial judgment into the development of a one-year-old's birthday party where the theme is cowboys and Indians? It's based around the outfits that are given to the young kids!"

"As a kid, do we play cops and robbers? As a kid, did you play cowboys and Indians?" he added. "What I'm saying is this isn't something that just started. This isn't a racial slur that people are doing or being malicious with. This is a game that's been played for years."

But the best part was his powerful comeback.

“Keep in mind the (Dallas) Cowboys and (Washington) Redskins played the same day” as the party, he pointed out.

Many people on social media stood by Kevin and Eniko as well, creating an intense debate over what is appropriate or a one-year-old’s birthday party.

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