Black GOP Senator Shares 'Shocking' Thing Trump Told Him About Race in America

July 02, 2018Jul 02, 2018

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) revealed in a new CNN interview that he spoke with President Donald Trump at length about addressing race issues in America. While he admitted they disagreed on several points, Scott said the president’s “shocking” response gave him hope for the future.

Speaking to CNN’s Van Jones, Scott admitted it wasn’t easy to have an open discussion on race with President Trump, but he’s glad he did.

Watch the exchange via CNN below:

"Yeah, they're hard. They're painful. They're uncomfortable, to sit in the Oval Office and have a conversation with the president about things that you strongly disagree about," Scott said. "He didn't change his perspective. I certainly can't change my perspective. Mine's educated by my experience, so that helps me.”

Scott then revealed how the meeting ended, which he says gives him hope.

“But the way it closed, I thought, gave me reasons to be hopeful,” he recalled. “It closed with, ‘Tim, I don't see what you see. What can I do to make things better?’"

"That was a shocking response," Scott added. "I was surprised after the conversation that his response was, 'Help me see a better light.’"

The South Carolina senator said he asked President Trump to support him in terms of legislation, a request to which he agreed.

Under President Trump, black unemployment dropped to the lowest level ever recorded, plummeting to 5.9 percent in July.

That's progress everyone can support.

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