Black Pastor Predicts Trump Will Be One of the 'Greatest Civil Rights Presidents'

June 14, 2018Jun 14, 2018

A black pastor is predicting President Donald Trump will down in history as one of the “greatest civil rights presidents in modern history.”

Rev. Dr. Darrell Scott, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, made his case for Trump in an op-ed for

“Few celebrities have garnered more media coverage in the last 20 years than Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian West,” Scott wrote. “Yet, when the two reality TV stars -- one former and one current -- just worked together on a major issue impacting American communities, the mainstream media totally overlooked the real story: President Donald Trump is quickly becoming one of the greatest civil rights presidents in modern history.”

Scott argued Trump has already made huge strides on civil rights, including the pardon of Jack Johnson and commuting Alice Johnson’s life sentence.

“His actions in the first 500 days of his presidency have included supporting prison reform to empower millions of Americans to have a better chance after their incarceration, moving away from Clinton-era ‘superpredator’ policies that imprisoned low-level drug offenders, and overturning a 105-year-old mistake by pardoning Jack Johnson,” he wrote.

Scott also said Trump’s embrace of the bipartisan FIRST STEP Act shows he is willing to work across the aisle with Democrats to get things done. He called the FIRST STEP Act a “total game-changer for prison and sentencing reform -- curbing mass incarceration, empowering inmates to get their lives back on track, and saving taxpayers money.”

“If Kim Kardashian West can acknowledge President Trump's willingness to help our community, we all should keep an open mind and embrace reforms that will improve the future for black communities nationwide,” Scott concluded.

Do you agree with the pastor about Trump’s civil rights record?

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