Black People Exiting Democrat Party Reaching Fevered Pitch with Everyday Americans Taking a Stand

October 31, 2018Oct 31, 2018

A new hashtag went viral this week to commemorate the large number of black Americans who have decided that the Democratic Party does not have their best interests in mind and are jumping on the Trump train.

#Blexit spread like wildfire after liberal-turned-conservative Candace Owens promoted it at the Young Black Leadership Summit where President Trump was a key speaker. The mainstream media was compelled to cover his appearance there because package bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc had just been arrested and the president was expected to address it publicly during his speech to a room of the black conservatives.

Since then numerous videos have been posted by black people explaining why they’re now going to vote for Democrats, and this is all happening right before the vital midterm elections. It’s bad news for the “blue wave.”

Craig Hill of Texas says he worked hard to get President Obama elected in 2008 because he thought he’d represent him well, but as time went on, he realized Obama “seemed as though he was more willing to help the people in Iran than he was in Indiana.”

Hill said #Blexit is about “creating ongoing, optimum lifestyles for all Americans, not just simply for African-Americans, black Americans. All the people who believe in our Constitution, all the people who believe in our amendments and our rights.”

Kwuam Adams said, “Once I found out that I was made in God’s image and that my freedoms come from Him and Him alone, I got up and got out of there [the Democratic Party].”

“I while ago I figured out that I didn’t have to think like they think,” he continued. “I didn’t have to be forced into some ideology that says whether I’m black enough for them. If you don’t believe in the white boogeyman stopping you from doing everything, if you believe in personal responsibility and freedom, if you want to keep as much money as you make, if you think that all life is precious, then you already are on our side.”

Duals The Black Lion pointed out that black people are big on voting because they’ve had to fight for their rights in America, but now as they’re reading up on issues for themselves, they’re realizing that the Democrats see themselves as heroes but are “really offering no real solutions and are only making areas with black communities a lot worse.”

“Whereas we’re seeing with the conservative movement [that] they’re not pretending to be a hero,” he continued. “They just treat every American the same down the line, and that’s what black people really need. We need to be lifted up with all Americans. We don’t need a hero. Black people are stronger than that.”

“Blexit is where we will finally be able to enjoy the benefits that being American has to offer to all its citizens,” declared IA C Coggins.

Trump’s approval rating in the black community is at 40 percent according to an Oct. 29 Rasmussen poll, The Epoch Times reported. That’s a huge jump over the 15 percent it sat at in August of last year and a significant improvement over the 29 percent it was at in August of this year.

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