Black Voters Passionately Speak Out Against Sanctuary Cities

May 15, 2018May 15, 2018

Many Californians are not happy with their governor declaring their home a “sanctuary state.” Among them are black voters, who spoke out passionately against the direction the state has been going.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a bill passed last year bars law enforcement officers from upholding federal immigration law. Specifically, police and deputies in California can’t ask people if they’re in the country illegally or arrest them for being an illegal immigrant.

There has been quite the backlash to that in a state often regarded as largely liberal, according to CNBC. The majority of voters in San Diego County, the second most populous county in California, voted to challenge the ‘sanctuary state’ law in court.

And recently in Santa Clarita, Calif., black voters — including a woman wearing a Make America Great Again hat — berated the sanctuary policies and insisted that they are hurting the black community, the Daily Wire reported.

"Americans are dreamers too. We’re paying for welfare, for section 8, you costing us our jobs. We’re paying for you. Respect Americans. This is America! This is our home and this is our country," said the woman wearing the MAGA hat.

"The black community is most adversely affected by illegal alien activity. When you come here illegally...they don't get trucked into Brentwood, they don't trucked into Beverly Hills. They get trucked into Watts...they get trucked into the streets of Crenshaw, the jungles, East LA.” she said, contrasting the affluent communities in LA to impoverished neighborhoods.

She complained about jobs being scarce and taxpayer money being spent on illegal immigrants. She also complained about having to learn two languages just to get a job.

Another black woman pointed out that sanctuary laws “support lawlessness,” which creates a double-standard because she is required to abide by the law as a California resident.

“We will not stand with the state of California,” said a third black woman, “and we ask all cities and all community leaders to do the right thing for our state and to fight to rescind this unconstitutional and anti-American bill. It is discriminatory.”

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