After Protests, Bodycam Video of Fatal Minneapolis Police Shooting Reveals the Truth

July 31, 2018Jul 31, 2018

Minneapolis Police released dramatic bodycam footage showing exactly what happened before two officers fatally shot a man during a foot chase.

Protests erupted over the shooting of 31-year-old Thurman Blevins. Some activists claimed he was unarmed and demanded the officers be arrested, or else.

However, the video clearly shows Blevins was armed with a handgun as he ran from officers.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced on Monday that no charges will be filed against the officers involved in the shooting.

In a statement, Freeman said the suspect “fled from the officers with a loaded handgun, refused to follow their commands for him to stop and show his hands and then took the gun out of his pocket and turned toward the officers.”

Watch the bodycam footage below (Warning: Graphic content):

The video shows “Mr. Blevins represented a danger to the lives of Officer Schmidt and Officer Kelly,” according to Freeman.

“Their decision to use deadly force against Mr. Blevins under those circumstances was authorized by Minn. Stat. § 609.066 and as such there is no basis to issue criminal charges against either officer,” he added.

A firearm was recovered by police on the scene.

Lt. Bob Kroll, president of Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, argued the officers "were forced to fire" after "he pointed a gun and fired at the officers."

Activists were not happy with the conclusion.

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