Border Patrol Agent Reveals 8 Things Media Isn’t Telling You About the Tear-Gassed Mob at the Border

November 28, 2018Nov 28, 2018

A whole lot of things happened at the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday when U.S. Border Patrol agents launched tear gas into a crowd that was rushing to illegally cross. But the mainstream media has focused almost exclusively on one aspect: women and children were affected by the tear gas as well.

News networks have used heart-wrenching images of women and children running away from the gas to condemn the Trump administration for how they’re handling things at the border, and liberals like incoming congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have gone as far as to compare what’s happening at the border to shutting out Nazi-persecuted Jews.

That’s why Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, sat down to the Daily Caller to show America what the mainstream media is not telling them.

Outraged liberals “are villainizing the good guys and they’re glamorizing the bad guys,” he began.

1. This was an attack, and the attackers used women and children as shields

“They were intent on crossing the border illegally,” Judd explained. “They started throwing projectiles at our agents. They pushed children and women up to the front and used them as shields.”

2. The tear gas was not launched at the children

Judd said that while it’s lawful to deploy tear gas in a crowd that has children in it, the Border Patrol “threw the tear gas well beyond [them], and then the tear gas spread.”

3. The oncoming crowd ignored repeated warnings

“They gave very clear verbal commands, and they told them, disperse or this is going to happen,” he said. “And they continued to force us and they raised it to that level, and yet you don’t hear the mainstream media talking about that.”

4. Some migrants use children solely as tools to get into the U.S.

“In patrolling the border in Arizona, I have come across groups that when they’re running from me and I’m chasing after that, what they’ll do is they’ll leave children behind knowing that I’m going to have to stop and take care of those children,” Judd explained. “They’ll leave older people behind. They’ll leave women behind.”

“I came upon a person that was dying in the desert of El Centro, California, and unfortunately we weren’t able to save her, and that’s because these people left her to die knowing that it would then distract me and take my resources out of the feed so they could get away,” he continued.

“This is how monstrous these people are and there are the tactics that they use, yet I’m the one called a bad person,” he added.

5. Using tear gas on people trying to get across the border is an Obama-era policy

“We used pepper spray and forms of tear gas a lot more under the Obama administration than we ever have under the Trump administration, yet the media doesn’t point that out,” Judd said. “It’s also interesting to note that the policies that we acted under to launch the tear gas to disperse this crowd, that was an Obama-era policy that we were operating under.”

6. The caravans keep getting bigger because of lack of action from past administrations

“The reason why the sizes continue to get bigger is because the past administration did not take the enforcement standards they needed to take, so we continue to see the caravans coming,” Judd explained. “And now they left President Trump in this awful situation where he has to clean up the messes that they made.”

7. Despite what the media may try to show, most of the caravan migrants are military-age men

“They can’t hide the fact that all of these [video] clips, the vast majority of them are young males that would never be able to claim asylum or be granted asylum because they just don’t fit within the class of the people are constantly under the fear of persecution or death in their own countries,” Judd told the Daily Caller.

8. The migrant caravan is creating quite a mess in Tijuana

Judd said the people of Tijuana are upset because caravan migrants are “disrupting business” by forcing the shutdown of the nearby U.S. port of entry with their raid and stopping legitimate trade and travel between the two countries.

Watch a 4-minute segment of that interview:

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