Boy Named Trump Bullied, Punched by Schoolmates; Forced to Take Drastic Action

December 12, 2018Dec 12, 2018

The bullying started for Delaware boy Joshua Trump when he was in elementary school and Donald Trump began campaigning for president.

The boy is from New Castle County, where 62 percent of voters cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton as opposed to the 32 percent who voted for Trump, according to the New York Times.

"He was getting ridiculed and bullied for the fact that his last name was Trump," his stepdad Bobby Berto explained.

The bullying got so bad that his stepdad and his mom, Megan Trump Berto, pulled their son out of the school and homeschooled him for a year, ABC 13 reported. Joshua is not related to President Trump.

When it came time for Joshua to enter middle school, his parents decided to try public school again and enrolled the 11-year-old at Talley Middle School in Wilmington. This time, they asked teachers to avoid saying the boy’s last name as much as possible.

But the bullying started there, too, with Joshua even getting punched on the school bus.

"They curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid," his mom said.

Feeling that the school hadn’t done enough to protect Joshua, Megan pleaded with other parents on Facebook to discourage the bullying and reached out to a local news station, which responded to her quickly.

She told her Facebook followers that, “I had to sit down with my son and hear him tell me that he hates himself and that he feels sad all the time. Why is this ok?”

“The school won't tell parents about this but i am asking you to please talk to your children,” Megan continued. “In an age where our children are depressed and suicidal dont let your kid be a bully. I dont care who you like or dislike in this world but stop spreading the hatred to your children because this is ridiculous.”

After Megan’s Facebook post got passed around, the school contacted Joshua’s parents to work on solutions, like changing which bus the boy rides on. The school had previously asked teachers to refer to the boy as “Joshua T.” instead of “Joshua Trump,” but now he’ll use his stepdad’s last name instead, according to NBC News.

Five of the students accused of bullying Joshua were disciplined.

"They were apologetic and they did say that they were sorry," Principal Mark Mayer said.

Ironically, though, after the local news station put his original name and photo out there, it's a little hard for Joshua to go incognito. But perhaps he’ll get a White House visit out of this? President Trump?

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