Brad Pitt's Foundation Shutters Doors After Disastrous Homes Are Too Eco-Friendly – Mushrooms and Mold Everywhere

September 13, 2018Sep 13, 2018

A-list actor Brad Pitt created a charity called the “Make It Right Foundation” that built homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The homes were meant to be “affordable, high-quality, environmentally sustainable, and safe,” according to the foundation.

A recent investigation by NBC discovered that the homes are now falling apart and the organization has “disappeared.”

Kamaria Allen purchased one of the Make It Right homes for $130,000 in 2011 but eventually had to abandon the home due to excessive decay. The home now has “mushrooms growing from its split siding” and “wooden boards propping up its sagging roof.”

According to 11 residents still living in the homes, the houses are “rotting and dangerous.”

The houses are moldy and have collapsing structures, electrical fires, and gas leaks. Apparently, it seems as if the houses were built too quickly, with low-quality materials, and did not factor in the humid and wet climate of New Orleans.

To make it worse, some of the mold is causing residents to get sick.

An environmental inspection company found mold in Allen’s kitchen cabinets and basidiospores, which “are often associated with advance mold rot caused by a chronic moisture condition.” Allen had previously complained to her doctor of headaches and constant fatigue. The rest of her family lives in another Make It Right home.

“Allen’s father, Keith, 63, quit his job as a yacht builder in 2013 after a mysterious illness brought on near-constant tremors, which made it a struggle for him to open water bottles and button shirts,” reported NBC. “Her mother, Sharon, 65, has trouble breathing and suffers from frequent respiratory infections, and her brother Khalid, 20, has been in and out of the hospital in the last few years for issues including muscle tremors, impaired speech, breathing problems and memory loss.”

“The family believes the symptoms are connected to the mold, and they say doctors have told them to leave the house, but they cannot afford to unless Make It Right buys it back.”

Residents looking for answers have nowhere to turn to either, as Make It Right has disappeared.

“Make It Right hasn’t built a home, filed tax forms or updated its website since 2015,” NBC reported. “The downtown New Orleans office has been closed, the staff has been cut to a handful and residents say their calls go unreturned.”

“While Pitt ordered inspections for the homes in 2016, according to a spokesperson, residents say they’re still waiting for the results and for much-needed repairs.”

Watch the NBC report in the video below:

Despite their good intentions, it looks like Brad Pitt and Make It Right still have some work left to do to make it right with the residents of their homes.

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