Chelsea Clinton Rushes to Barron Trump's Defense After Sick Attack

December 11, 2018Dec 11, 2018

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is known for saying things that sound further to the left than even what her parents dare to say.

There was that time she suggested that abortion isn’t such a bad thing because it’s great for the economy.

And then there was that other time she said it was downright “unchristian” to be against legalized abortion.

Chelsea also likes to attack President Trump, like the time she told a British media outlet that Trump “degrade[s] what it means to be an American” and, ironically, encouraged British people to “show up to protest” him during his July visit, USA Today reported back then.

But there’s one member of the Trump family — other than her friend Ivanka — that the 38-year-old mother-of-two is willing to defend: 12-year-old Barron Trump (who appears to be going through an incredible growth spurt).

New York magazine writer Jonathan Chait used Barron in an attack on his dad in a comment he made about who should replace outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly with. Kelly will be leaving around the end of the year, NPR reported. Trump asked Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, to replace Kelly, but Ayers turned him down, according to CNN.

“My darkhorse chief of staff pick: Barron Trump 1. Looks like Trump 2. Will not make Trump work 3. Cannot be tried as an adult,” Chait wrote on Twitter.

Chelsea fired back at him, replying on Twitter: “Please leave Barron Trump out of ‘jokes’ & analyses. He’s a kid and private citizen and deserves to be left alone. Thank you.”

After receiving blowback from many Trump supporters and critics alike, Chait gave a lengthy explanation trying to justify using Barron for his attack on the president.

But one Twitter user pointed out, “If you have to post 5 additional tweets to rationalize the first, you should have just deleted it to begin with.”

“The *best* jokes are the ones that have to be thoroughly explained, said no one ever,” quipped another.

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