'We Need the President's Help': Chicago Dem Begs for Trump's Help

August 07, 2018Aug 07, 2018

Democrat Illinois State Rep. La Shawn Ford is begging President Donald Trump to help the liberal city following another horrific weekend of violence.

Over 70 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago, adding to the horrifying tally of 1,700 people shot so far this year.


In a recent interview, Ford argued not everyone in Chicago believes the city is a “Trump-free zone.” It was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who famously declared the city a “Trump-free zone.”

“As a Democrat, I come here today calling on the president. He said he wanted to help people in Chicago and I accept that help. That is number one,” Ford told Fox News. “We have to receive the help from the president of the United States.”

Watch the full interview below:

Ford argued Chicago is currently in a “state of emergency."

“Over 1,700 people have been shot since the beginning of the year and this weekend, you guys have noted the 63. Of those 63, three of the people that were shot steps from my church on the west side, one shot in the head and two others were critically wounded. Right steps from my church,” he added.

Ford also called on Emanuel to remove his “Trump-free zone” declaration because the city needs help.

 “He must take away the thought that Chicago is a Trump-free zone because taxpayers deserve to have the president come in bring resources to the community,” Ford said.

President Trump has spoken out on the violence in Chicago on several occasions, even suggesting he could deploy the National Guard to get things under control.

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