Watch Child’s Reaction When She Sees Melania Enter Room in STUNNING White Dress

November 28, 2018Nov 28, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump gave a group of children a real Christmas surprise, showing up to greet them during a White House Christmas event.

“Are you the first lady?” one child asked eagerly.

Another child was blown away by her appearance.

“She seriously looks like an angel,” the child said.

The video is apparently from last year, but since the media obviously didn’t share it with you at the time, we figured the holiday season is a good time to watch the heartwarming moment.

Watch the video below:

This year, Melania Trump has come under fire from the Left for her Christmas decorations at the White House.

There's no question that her Christmas displays are stunning.

Still, as the Daily Caller points out, "The Washington Post devoted an entire article to criticizing her decorations. Vice said it was a 'Christmas from Hell.' MSNBC hosts said it looked like a scene from 'The Shining.' Slate wondered, 'What message is Melania Trump sending with her red Christmas trees of death?'"

The first lady responded to the ridiculous controversy on Wednesday with class.

"I think they look fantastic," she said.

Do you like Melania's Christmas decorations?

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