Chuck Schumer Let's His Secret Desire Slip out After He Answers Question Yelled at Him

September 04, 2018Sep 04, 2018

It’s no longer a secret what the leader of the Democrats in the Senate wishes to happen if his party takes over Congress in the midterm elections.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump.

During a Labor Day parade on Monday, a bystander asked Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), “When are you going to impeach Trump?”

“The sooner the better,” Schumer replied, speaking into a bullhorn.

“The sooner the better?” the bystander responded. “That’s not answering the question.”

“We got to get a few Republicans [to join us],” Schumer replied back. “The Democrats are on your side," he said, pointing back to the man.

Watch the interaction unfold in the video below.

Schumer is right that he needs help from the Republicans. The House conducts the impeachment hearing, but the Senate is in charge of voting on whether or not to convict the president.

In order for the impeachment to be official, over two-thirds of the Senate needs to agree, meaning 67 Senators in total.

As of this moment, the Democrats have 47 members in the Senate, meaning they need help from 20 other Senators in order to impeach President Trump.

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