CNN Asks Ocasio-Cortez Who Will Pay $38T for Her Programs; Wait for Her Answer, It’s Priceless

September 17, 2018Sep 17, 2018

Still struggling to hold onto her budding stardom as the leader of the radical arm of the Democratic Party, the New York congresswoman-to-be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper to imbue America with her youthful wisdom.

In the midst of his interview of her, Tapper decided to throw Ocasio-Cortez an easy question in hopes she could at least bunt it past the pitcher’s mound.

“Your platform has called for various new programs including Medicare for all, housing as a federal right, a federal jobs guarantee, tuition-free public college, canceling all student loan debt,” he began as the Democratic Socialists of America candidate nodded enthusiastically. “According to non-partisan and left-leaning studies friendly to your cause...the overall price tag is more than $40 trillion in the next decade.”

“You recently said in an interview that increasing taxes on the very wealthy, plus an increased corporate tax rate, would make $2 trillion over the next ten years. So, where’s the other $38 trillion going to come from?” he asked.

An excellent, excellent question, Mr. Tapper.

“Well, one of the things that we need to realize when we look at something like Medicare for all. Medicare for all would save the American people a very large amount of money,” Ocasio-Cortez began her answer. “And what we see as well as that these systems are not just pie in the sky.”

“Many of them are accomplished by every modern civilized democracy in the Western world,” she said before giving examples of several countries that have universal health care but not mentioning that they haven’t inputted all her other proposed programs on top of it.

“These are generational investments!” she insisted, not mentioning that investments have to start with one key element: money, and lots of it.

Noticing that all Ocasio-Cortez did was defend one of her programs — and not answer how to pay for it — Tapper tried again, saying, “I get that. The price tag for everything you’ve laid out in your campaign is $40 trillion over the next ten years. I understand that Medicare for all would cost more to some wealthier people, and to the government, and to taxpayers while also reducing individual health care expenditures, but I’m talking about the overall package.”

“You say it’s not ‘pie in the sky,’ but $40 trillion is quite a bit of money,” Tapper said with a chuckle. “And the taxes you’re talking about raising to pay for your agenda only count for 2 [$2 trillion].”

Ocasio-Cortez replied by giving a sob story about people not being able to afford health care because of high premiums and deductibles, not mentioning that premiums and deductibles have been on the rise because of Obama’s universal health care plan since before Trump was elected president, according to CNBC.

So, um, the solution to fixing Obamacare is more Obamacare? And that’s how we’ll pay for everything?

Tapper’s facial expression started looking like he’d eaten some bad sushi for lunch as Ocasio-Cortez rambled on.

“I assume I’m not going to get an answer for the other $38 trillion dollars, but we’ll have you back and maybe we can go over that,” he concluded with an unsuccessfully suppressed laugh, quickly changing the subject.

Apparently, Ocasio-Cortez is too liberal and uninformed for even CNN to stomach.

Watch that part of the conversation here:

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