CNN Contributor Shows Bias, Screams at Sarah Sanders — Watch How She Responds

June 14, 2018Jun 14, 2018

White House press secretary showed incredible restraint after CNN contributor Brian Karen yelled at her over the Trump administration enforcing immigration laws.

“Our administration has had the same position since we started on day one, that we were going to enforce the law,” Sanders said. “I know it was something that wasn’t high on the priority list in the previous administration but it is on ours.”

She added, “We’re a country of law and order and we’re enforcing the law and protecting our borders. We would like to fix these loopholes and if Democrats want to get serious about it instead of playing political games, they’re welcome to come here and sit down with the president and actually do something about it.”

Karem then interrupted Sanders and started screaming out of turn.

“Don’t you have any empathy? Come on, Sarah, you’re a parent,” he said. “Don’t you have any empathy for what these people are going through? They have less than you do. Sarah, come on, seriously.”

Sanders took the high road rather than shouting back.

“Settle down. I’m trying to be serious, but I’m not going to have you yell out of turn,” Sanders said.

“These people have nothing,” the CNN contributor shot back.

“I know you want to get some more TV time but that’s not what this is about,” Sanders replied.

Sanders also clashed with CNN's Jim Acosta, who asked if it was a "moral policy to take children away from their parents. Why is the government doing this?"

Sanders responded sternly, "Because it’s the law. That’s what the law states."

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