CNN Guest Says Christians Want 'Christian Sharia Law,' Host Says This Is Freaking Her Out

July 06, 2018Jul 06, 2018

A contentious debate took place on CNN’s HLN channel after a show host implied that Christians in America are as dangerous as radical Islamic extremists.

It happened on Friday when conservative CRTV host Steve Deace was debating the role of Supreme Court justices with liberal SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah on Carol Costello’s HLN show, Mediaite reported.

After Deace talked about how SCOTUS justices have too much power, and voters need to regain that power, Obeidallah shot back by claiming that “There are people on the right who want to impose Christian sharia law in this country. What I mean by that is they want to turn the Bible into the law of our land.”

Then he added, “There are people who want to turn America into the Christian version of Saudi Arabia, and this Supreme Court might just allow them to do that.”

“This conversation is starting to freak me out,” Costello commented.

When it was Deace’s turn to speak again, he lit into Obeidallah for his “Christian sharia law” claim and chided host Costello for simply going along with it.

“I tried to have a conversation where we might get to a place of agreement,” Deace said, but Obeidallah “basically said that people with my worldview are Christian Saudi Arabia. You [Costello] did not push back on that.”

“Any attempt at having any sincerity whatsoever where there might be some common ground is already done,” the conservative TV show host exclaimed. “You guys in the media don’t play referee when this stuff happens. And this is why a lot of conservatives like me don’t come on shows like this, because we get setup to be foils. We get setup to be strawmen.”

“I will take your point,” Costello conceded. “I should have pushed back ‘Christian sharia’ thing.”

“It’s just a slight exaggeration, perhaps,” Deace said sarcastically as a sputtering Obeidallah interrupted him to defend his attack on Christianity.

“Just to be clear, sharia in this context is simply turning religious beliefs into laws of the land,” Obeidallah claimed, sharing a definition of his own making. “That’s what sharia is in the Muslim world, that’s what sharia is attempted here. I’m not sure why’d you be upset.”

“We don’t want laws based on the Bible,” the SiriusXM host insisted.

Meanwhile, Deace pulled his microphone off and walked out of the interview.

“Severely restricted freedoms of expression,” lengthy prison terms for human rights defenders, executions of activists, death sentences resulting from unfair trials, torture of prisoners, deadly persecution of religious minorities, arbitrary arrests, death sentences for drug offenders, coerced confessions, lack of protections for women against rape and violence, and extreme control over every aspect of the lives of women are some of the human rights violations that Amnesty International lists for Saudi Arabia.

No wonder Deace walked out after that outrageous comparison was made to Christian Americans. Watch the full exchange below:

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