CNN’s Acosta Actually Praises Trump His Speech: ‘A Beautiful Moment’

June 07, 2019Jun 07, 2019

There are few well-known mainstream media reporters more intent on denouncing the Trump presidency than CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta’s history of firing accusatory questions at President Trump and the president’s tendency to fire back in kind is well known.

But Trump’s 75th anniversary D-Day speech impressed the CNN reporter so much that he couldn’t find anything negative to say about it, no matter how hard he tried.

“This is perhaps the most on-message moment of Donald Trump’s presidency today,” he gushed, according to Fox News.

Acosta revealed his expectation of finding something to criticize with it by saying, “We were all wondering if he would veer from his remarks, go off of his script, but he stayed on script, stayed on message, and — I think — rose to the moment.”

When Trump called the men who stormed in at Normandy to strike a blow against the Nazis some of our greatest American heroes ever, the CNN reporter gushed, “That could not be more of a fact check true.”

“It was really one of those moments that Donald Trump needed to rise to in order to, I think, walk away from the cemetery, walk away from this hallowed ground and have people back at home saying, ‘You know what, no matter what I think about the current president of the United States, he said the right thing at Normandy. He did the right thing at Normandy,’” he continued.

Quite the praise from someone who called Trump “public enemy number one” in his latest book, “The Enemy of the People.”

“9,388 young Americans rest beneath the white crosses and Stars of David arrayed on these beautiful grounds,” Trump said during his speech, according to a White House press release. “Each one has been adopted by a French family that thinks of him as their own. They come from all over France to look after our boys. They kneel. They cry. They pray. They place flowers. And they never forget.”

Speaking of the American heroes who lived and died on D-Day, the president continued, “These men ran through the fires of hell moved by a force no weapon could destroy: the fierce patriotism of a free, proud, and sovereign people.”

“The blood that they spilled, the tears that they shed, the lives that they gave, the sacrifice that they made, did not just win a battle. It did not just win a war,” he added.

“Those who fought here won a future for our nation. They won the survival of our civilization.”

“And they showed us the way to love, cherish, and defend our way of life for many centuries to come,” he concluded.

The world leaders present at the 75th D-Day anniversary ceremonies signed a proclamation vowing to work together to ensure peace and prevent another world war. Trump signed the proclamation as well, and he put his “John Hancock” right at the top.

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