CNN Now Wants to Ban the Term 'Fake News' After Being the One Who Created the Term

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

CNN hates the term “fake news.” And that’s ironic because they actually appear to have coined the term.

Shortly after 38-year-old Jarrod W. Ramos shot up a newspaper office in Annapolis Maryland, CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins retweeted a list of the five staffers who were killed.

Shortly after that, she tweeted, “I don’t want to hear the phrase ‘fake news’ ever again,” suggesting to the Daily Wire that she blamed Trump’s denunciation of “fake news” in the mainstream media for motivating the shooter to attack journalists.

It was later revealed that Ramos had a personal vendetta against that particular paper going back six years over their coverage of him in a criminal case. But mainstream media journalists have suggested a connection between Trump and the gunman.

After the mass shooting, CNN’s Jim Acosta shouted at Trump, demanding to know when the president would stop calling the liberal media “the enemy of the people.” That was at the end of a speech where Trump has already stood up for the safety of journalists. A Reuters editor also had to publicly apologize for immediately blaming Trump for the shooting before the identity of the shooter or his motive had been revealed.

CNN ran an opinion piece last year entitled “Ban the term ‘fake news.’”

But CNN started using the term as far back as Nov. 1, 2016, just days before Trump won the election. “The plague of fake news is getting worse — here's how to protect yourself,” they wrote as the headline for an article. BuzzFeed picked up the term “fake news” a couple days later.

“Fake news in domestic terrorism,” CNN law enforcement analyst Cedric Alexander headlined a story a month later.

But when Trump called CNN “fake news” after CNN reporter Jim Acosta kept badgering him with questions at an event shortly before the inauguration, according to USA Today, CNN began to sour to the term. Trump was using it in reference to the networks overwhelmingly negative stories against him, a trend that has not let up over a year and a half later.

And now CNN loathes it.

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