Even Ex-CNN Producer Is Slamming CNN’s Jim Acosta for His Behavior at Trump Event

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

In a transparent game of “gotcha,” CNN’s Jim Acosta yelled a question at President Donald Trump from across the room during a White House tax bill event on Friday.

When Trump didn’t hear him, Acosta claimed Trump “did not respond.”


“I tried to ask the president if he would stop calling us the enemy of the people. He did not respond,” Acosta tweeted.


Acosta’s latest anti-Trump stunt was widely criticized on Twitter.





Acosta was even blasted by former CNN producer Steve Krakauer.

“On a day journalists could honor the memory of fellow reporters tragically killed due to a deranged person with a vendetta going back years, Acosta tries to shift the blame to Trump, thus validating many Americans’ feelings about the Acela Media (that existed long before Trump),” Krakauer tweeted.


That could be why someone in the audience actually "shushed" Acosta.

Additionally, Acosta's question was clearly intended to somehow link President Trump's tough talk about the media to the tragic Annapolis newspaper shooting that left five people dead on Thursday.

The alleged shooter, who we are not naming, had a longstanding grudge with the Capital Gazette newspaper over a 2011 column that reported his guilty plea to criminal harassment. The alleged shooter has not indicated that he was motivated in any way by the president's remarks.

"This was a targeted attack on the Capital Gazette," Police Chief Bill Krampf said on Thursday. "He entered the building with a shotgun, and he looked for his victims as he walked through the lower level."

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