CNN Proudly Reveals the Face of the Anti-Trump Resistance, Makes One Huge Mistake

September 01, 2018Sep 01, 2018

On Friday, CNN proudly revealed who the face of the Anti-Trump resistance in America is.

Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza wrote that the “largely leaderless” Democratic Party has a “rallying point,” a person who is not afraid of Trump — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Twitter commenters were quick to point out a huge problem with her being a resistance leader — as a justice, the 85-year-old is not supposed to be political. Back in 2016, when she did actually make a political statement against Trump, she later apologized for it.

It’s a little hard to lead a movement that’s supposed to overturn a president when you’re not supposed to have a voice outside of the law. Very, very few of the comments on CNN’s analysis story were positive:

Ginsburg cheered her liberal fans this summer when she announced that she hopes to still be sitting on the Supreme Court for the next five years. They’re deathly afraid that she’ll retire or become too ill to serve while Trump is in office and can replace her, and they’re counting on a Democrat win in Congress in 2018 and/or for the presidency in 2020 so that they can resist a conservative replacement and nominate a liberal one.

Some of her overboard fans have even offered to donate their own organs to help keep her alive:

And then conservative commentator Ben Shapiro shot back with one of the funniest comebacks on the internet:

To our knowledge, Ginsburg has not yet been spotted wearing a #resist shirt.

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