CNN Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders About Trump Calling Democrats ‘Evil’ – She Responds With FIRE

October 25, 2018Oct 25, 2018

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders briefly answered questions from a swarm of reporters outside the White House on Thursday, most of which revolved around the suspicious explosive packages and calls for increased civility between Republicans and Democrats.

One reporter from CNN, Abby Phillip, asked Sanders if President Donald Trump has any regrets from using the word “evil” to describe Democrats during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process.

“A few weeks ago, he said that Democrats who opposed Kavanaugh were ‘evil,'” Phillip said. “Does he regret that statement?”

“The president feels like we should call out despicable acts which is exactly what he’s done in the last 24 hours,” she said, dodging the initial question.

“Is evil an appropriate way to describe people in the political sphere?” Phillip said, pressing further for an answer.

Sanders answered with fire.

“It’s a word that people have used on your network a number of times, not only to describe the president but people who work in this administration,” Sanders responded.

“Yesterday, the very first thing that the president did was come out and condemn the violence. The very first thing your network did was come out and accuse the president of being responsible for it. That is not okay. The first thing should have been to condemn the violence.”

Watch her full answer in the video below:

The big story of the week has been the suspicious packages were sent to the homes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, CNN headquarters, and the office of former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

Before a speech about dealing with the opioid crisis in America, President Donald Trump opened with an update on the explosive packages and his response brought those gathered in attendance to their feet.

Here’s what he had to say:

As Sarah Sanders stated, President Trump indeed did condemn the violence.

Do you think political discourse will be more civil after the bomb threats? Or is it only a matter of time before it reverts back to its usual intensity?

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