CNN’s Don Lemon Tells Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis To ‘Shut Up’ After Being Called Out For Liberal Bias

October 10, 2018Oct 10, 2018

CNN host Don Lemon lost his cool with network commentator Matt Lewis while discussing the “mob behavior” of liberals versus conservatives Tuesday and told him to “shut up” while he made his point.

Lewis said the difference between him and other journalists on the left is he is willing to admit when someone on the right is embracing “mob behavior.”

“The difference between center right journalists and liberal activists is, I will admit that it is a mob behavior. It is a mob mentality when Donald Trump and the people say ‘lock her up.’ I’m willing to admit that,” Lewis declared.

“I’m waiting for liberals and intellectually honest liberals to admit that when you harass Ted Cruz at a restaurant, that is also mob-like behavior. Why is it that I’m willing to concede that Donald Trump is a bad person and that’s mob behavior, but I never hear liberals come on and co cede that.”

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona said she “didn’t agree” with people harassing Cruz before Lemon jumped in to battle Lewis.

“Let’s show the video, Don. You got some B roll,” Lewis said.


“I will answer your question,” Lemon replied. “Is it mob behavior? No, it’s not mob behavior. It’s people who are upset and angry with the way the country is going.”

Lewis tried to respond but Lemon wasn’t having it. “Will you let me finish, Matt, please, before you jump in? I’m making a point. Okay?,” he said. “I’m making a point. I can’t make it if you keep interrupting me.”

“You’re making a point. Are you the moderator or the host or arguing a liberal talking point,” Lewis shot back.

“I’m the moderator and the host of this show,” Lemon responded. “Will you let me finish? Matt, please! Let me finish.”

“Bring it on. Mind if I have a drink,” Lewis asked before taking a drink of water.

“You can do whatever you want. You can leave the show if you want,” Lemon replied. “Shut up and let me do it!”

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