WATCH: CNN Has Anti-Trump Meltdown After Trump Boycotts Media's Fancy Dinner

April 23, 2019Apr 23, 2019

CNN was visibly triggered on Tuesday after President Donald Trump announced that he would rather be with real Americans in Wisconsin than attend the liberal media’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“Say what you will about the press, this is an event that honors the First Amendment,” CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin said.

CNN’s Brian Stelter then chimed in, suggesting that Trump declining to attend the event amounts to an “attack” on the media.

“In the past, presidents have all shown up, even if they were angry at the press at any given time,” he said. “Importantly, it’s useful for White House aides to schmooze with reporters, it’s helpful for us to get to know our sources — there’s some value in these sort of festive events.”

The White House Correspondents’ Association claimed they are still “looking forward to an enjoyable evening of celebrating the First Amendment and great journalists past, present, and future.”

“Look, it’s yet another example of what we’re seeing, this administration’s attack against the media,” Stelter added. “It takes many forms. One form is the president having a rally this Saturday instead of attending the dinner.”

Wow, someone is seriously triggered.

Watch the video below:

President Trump announced his rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

"I will be in Green Bay, Wisconsin this Saturday, April 27th at the Resch Center — 7:00pm (CDT). Big crowd expected!" Trump tweeted.

Speaking directly to Americans instead of participating in the media's expensive dinner is hardly an "attack" on the press.

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