Comedian Trevor Noah Slams Trump And Mocks Jesus - Crowd Loves It

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

Comedy Central's Trevor Noah did his best to attack President Donald Trump on Thursday's "The Daily Show". He pretended to realize just how much good the president had done this past week listing out several examples. 

Now we realize that he is a "comedian" and probably can't understand the things he is trying to mock when he pretends that Trump is only fixing problems he started. He includes, 

1. Saving the Farmers 

2. Partnering with the European Union on Trade

3. Reuniting kids back with their parents at the border

The massive problem is the Trevor skips over the reasons why President Trump started the trade wars in the first place. If you don't know, it's because our trade deals around the globe were awful. In fact, they were horrific. When America has a 97.8 BILLION trade deficit with Canda you know we are in trouble, not to mention China ($375.6 BILLION) or the European Union (151.3 BILLION)

So yes, giving President Trump praise for going after these thieves and winning is actually a good thing. And he is winning... just like he promised.

But lest someone say we forgot to mention the "Kids in cages" segment, let's just say there are plenty of examples of the Left not caring about the kids considering the pictures that started this whole fiasco all came from President Obamas time in office. Oops, they forget that don't they. Where was all this outrage then?

Remember them yelling and screaming about this only to find out these were Obama's kids in cages?

Lastly, we get to Trevor's mocking of Jesus. This segment starts around the 2:44 mark. Trevor Noah Said, "In fact, I haven't seen something that miraculous since I got an Oreo with twice as much filling as the regular Oreo. Ya, and you know, some people said Trevor that's just a double stuffed Oreo, but they're just jealous okay. I know what Jesus did for me." 

Then the crowd went wild with laughter as he sat smugly looking into the camera. 

It's outrageous that someone would not only mock a president who is actually fighting for the very people who are persecuting him (and winning) but that they would then take that same opportunity to mock Christianity. 

The difference is I do know what Jesus did for me, he saved me. 





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