Conservative Actor James Woods Trolls Ocasio-Cortez Simply by Playing One of Her Videos

February 20, 2019Feb 20, 2019

Young socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a lot of flak for appearing to have little knowledge of basic economics and for proposing ideas that, if implemented, would destroy our country many times over.

Yet somehow, due to her charisma and adeptness at influencing young people through social media, she has already become an ideological leader in the Democratic Party despite having been in office for fewer than two months.

Conservative actor James Woods decided to troll Ocasio-Cortez this week by simply sharing one of her social media video messages to her fans. “Meanwhile, at the kids’ table,” Woods wrote above the video on Twitter.

“Here in D.C. it’s, like, so weird,” the 29-year-old told those watching.

“It’s like everybody is, like, a spy,” she continued. “Like, it’s so bizarre.”

Then she really got on a roll: “It’s, like, you could go out to get a cup of coffee, and the person that’s, like, sitting at a table in the corner of the restaurant’s, like, you know, like, then they go and text all their friends that they saw so-and-so at this cafe, and it’s, like, triangulation.”

“And it’s super weird,” she added. “It’s just, like, super weird.”

Phew. She said “like” ten times in thirty seconds. That’s a “like” every three seconds.

Ocasio-Cortez shouldn’t be surprised by the attention she’s getting in public. She recently released her Green New Deal, which aims to radically change America from the ground up in a very short amount of time and has been endorsed by multiple Democratic presidential candidates.

Energy 45 Fund founder Mandy Gunasekara an opinion published a piece on Fox News Wednesday headlined: “AOC's disastrous 'Green New Deal' is jeopardizing bipartisan attempts to actually help our environment.”

Saying the non-binding resolution “reads like Karl Marx’s Christmas list,” she blasted it as a “Soviet-style central planning document calling for a government takeover of the agriculture, transportation, housing and health care sectors, while seeking to limit competition and eliminate free markets wherever possible.”

“The fact that so many Democrats have signed onto this drivel demonstrates how otherwise serious lawmakers are now beholden to the extreme left,” Gunasekara pointed out.

She added that the “dangerous” Green New Deal is getting in the way of real solutions for reducing emissions, such as using our innovative spirit to create cleaner technology at a realistic pace rather than reducing America’s energy dominance in the world by cutting off our current sources of energy far too soon.

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