Conservative College Graduate Digs in After Being Booed at College Graduation

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

One young, conservative woman has a critical message for her fellow Millennials after students booed her when she took the stage at her college graduation: “In the real world, you’ll have to work with people you disagree with.”

Kassy Dillon spoke with “Fox & Friends” about the experience. She has long been a controversial figure at the women-only Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Why is she controversial? Because she supports Republicans and conservatives and is vocal about it. She operates a widely-read conservative blog, supports President Trump and Vice President Pence, stands up for the NRA, and is periodically invited as a guest on Fox News. But she was still surprised by how she was treated at her recent graduation ceremony.

"When I walked up to the stage, I was booed and I was shocked," she said.

One of the professors was shocked to hear it as well and apologized to her. But Dillon told Fox News commentator Todd Starnes that she isn’t that upset by it. She simply wants her generation to learn how to respect people with differing opinions — something they’ll have to do when they leave liberal academia.

“It’s a very small school, so most of the students knew what my political ideology was, and so during graduation, as I’m watching all the commencement speakers, there’s students already kinda heckling me, and just saying rude things to me,” Dillon explained.

She then got mocked by fellow students for clapping for the commencement speaker, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), simply “out of respect.” Dillon had also boldly made her personal beliefs known by elaborately decorating her graduation cap with pro-Trump, pro-Reagan, pro-NRA, and pro-Israel stickers and badges.

"I think [my peers] should accept that I think differently. They need to realize that not everyone is going to agree with them,” she advised, later telling Starnes that their actions “kinda proved what I’ve been saying for four years, that civil discourse is not going well on college campuses, and that’s because the left and the right aren’t communicating because the left has demonized everyone one the right.”

See a recent interview Dillon did about this with Fox News’ “The Next Revolution:”

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